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Gluten-Free Baking Classics Second Edition
Notes on This Second Edition

By Annalise Roberts

Gluten-Free Baking Classics Second EditionTHE GLUTEN-FREE "EXPERIENCE" HAS CHANGED
a great deal since I started writing about food and teaching gluten-free cooking and baking classes. Supermarkets, restaurants, and the mass media have all begun to embrace the concerns of those who are gluten sensitive and bring them out into the open. In my classes, I see more and more people who say they are avoiding wheat and gluten because of arthritis, headaches, ADHD, depression, pregnancy problems and an incredible array of autoimmune ailments including fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis and thyroid disease. Many have never been tested for celiac; many do not even care if they have it. They just know they feel better when they don?t eat wheat.

There is something to be said for thinking about gluten sensitivity as though it were on a spectrum, with celiac (the most severe) on top and various levels of intolerance below. I have come to believe that most people on the planet would be better off if they ate less wheat and gluten, and in many cases, avoided it entirely. Every celiac I meet, it seems, has an intriguing history of family members with ailments that look like, and maybe are, symptoms of gluten sensitivity. They all might feel better on a gluten-free diet.

When I wrote the first edition of Gluten-Free Baking Classics, my goal was to bring together all the basic, classic recipes for baked goods that individuals with celiac, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies might look for in one book. I wanted the recipes to be simple and fool proof so that people could depend on them and even use them as the foundation to convert their own family favorites, if they so desired.

In retrospect, I have to admit I missed a few things. Who knew that one day I would wake up and realize I had to have a doughnut? And then, I started to miss pecan raisin artisan bread, popovers and hot cross buns studded with citron. I didn?t even see it coming, but suddenly I was immersed in creating more recipes for baked goods I had to have. I even recreated my favorite birthday cake- a hazelnut layer cake with praline buttercream frosting and dark chocolate curls. Along with all this came requests from my readers and baking students for flour tortillas, bagels, challah, gingerbread men, fresh egg pasta, Irish soda bread, soft pretzels, banana muffins, and black and white cookies.

So this second edition evolved as all good things do- over time. Before I knew it, I had an additional 42 recipes to add to my collection and I am proud to say, they are all are rigorously tested and delicious. I have also reworked and broadened Chapter 3, Getting Started to detail more about the art and science of gluten-free baking and to answer the questions I was most frequently asked in classes and emails. I hope this work, which has stayed true to my original goal of keeping all the recipes in one book, encourages you to take out your mixer and create some wonderful food memories for yourself, your family and your friends.

Annalise Roberts
May, 2008

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©2008 by Claudia Pillow and Annalise Roberts