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sold in this country, it will be a decade before it is no longer a challenge to buy ready-prepared foods for those on a gluten-free diet. In the meantime, many high-quality processed foods are naturally gluten-free and are easily incorporated into a meal. Pasta sauce, salsa, canned tomatoes, broth, certain brands of flash-frozen fruit and vegetables, and dried pasta need only to be enhanced with other ingredients to create delicious, healthy dishes.

Excerpt from The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook
SAUCES and GRAVIES—Creating your own convenience foods

More Than Gourmet® Demi-Glace and Glace

What is a glace or a demi-glace? A glace is flavorful, reduced stock. A demi-glace is a sauce made from stock, roux (a cooked mixture of butter and flour), caramelized vegetables, herbs, and sometimes wine and tomato paste. It has a very concentrated flavor and is used to enhance sauces, sautés, stews, and soups.

Professional chefs have the time and staff to make rich, flavorful demi-glaces and glaces. Simmering pots of caramelized vegetables and bones that were slow roasted for hours are then used to make soups, stews, sauces, quick sautés, gravies, risottos, and even pasta. Homemade demi-glace in a recipe can make the difference between extraordinary and everyday, but it is not always a reality. Maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle can be time-consuming enough, but having to stay home to simmer a veal stock for eight hours could put you over the edge.

It is almost impossible to find ready-made classic demi-glace without wheat flour. Although we embrace the idea of making homemade, we probably will never set aside the enormous quantity of time it takes to make one in our own kitchen. Luckily, More Than Gourmet® makes a delicious assortment of high-quality demi-glace (including vegetable and mushroom!) and glaces that we happily use in place of our own homemade. Almost all, except their classic veal demi-glace, are gluten-free. Their products are available in grocery stores, online retailers(Amazon), or directly from their Website.

More Than Gourmet®

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